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Ep. 51: How Conditioned Are We ?

How much of what you do, think and feel comes from intentional, free chosing? How much of your actions and decisions are pre-programmed? You are the product of your upbringing, culture and genetics. What is out of our control? What can we influence? How can we counteract our predestination?



Ep. 50: What Am I Responsible For ?

Are you taking too little responsibility for your actions, or perhaps too much? How much are you able to understand or determine the consequences of your decisions? Are you in control of anything? Is free will an illusion? Can you do something to improve your thoughts, feelings and relationships with...


Ep. 49: Empathy Can Be A Super Power

Everyone has the choice of either living isolated from other people and their own feelings on the one hand, or to connect with others and their own emotional core. The road towards connectedness involves vulberability and weakness. But it leads to a very rewarding ability that includes deeper understanding of...


Ep. 48: Why Am I Ashamed?

What secrets do you have? What facts about you must never become known to others? What happens in our childhood that implants beliefs in us that hide away for the rest of our life? Can we uncover them deliberately? Can we regain the emotional freedom and levity that playing children...

Ep. 47: The Good and Bad of Making Promises

Humans need each other, and so they need to depend on each other. When we make a promise or sign a contract we intensify an understanding that is usually mutually beneficial, but we also agree to retribution in the case of non-fulfillment. Is such a formal arrangement better than the...


Ep. 46: How to convince people that 2+2=5

Psychological torture can be used to break someone's mind and implant a belief in the victim's mentality that will shape their behaviour permanently. Is something similar going on at a societal scale? Are we all susceptible to a slow and subtle mental manipulation through mainstream media and other influences? How...

Ep. 45: Our Insane Search for Security - with J. Krishnamurti

Feelings of anxiety often come when some security in our life diminishes. Because we believe that our existence depends on that safety net, we fear that its loss will cause our life to end. Jiddu Krishnamurti has helped many audiences realise the falsehood of such beliefs. In this interview he...


Ep. 44: Are you Living in your Head?

Everyone overthinks, not only people diagnosed with OCD. We spend the majority of every day ruminating over the same old thoughts: worries about how we are viewed, about our possessions, and about any other thing or idea that makes up our artificial identity. Living in the past is another example...

Ep. 43: Do You Believe in Extra-Terrestrial Life?

Neither William nor Steven have had first-hand experiences with alien life or technology. But it can be fun to speculate: What would it mean for humanity if an advanced race from a distant galaxy visited our planet? What technologies and spiritual insights would we be able to learn about from...


Ep. 42: Why Everyone Needs Psychic Healing

Honesty is a necessary ingredient for healing from past traumas, mainly honesty with yourself. If other people become disagreeable because you are learning to understand your self better, do you prefer to fit in and comply with societal norms or are you prepared to sacrifice those things for clarity about...

Ep. 41: A Painful Truth is Better than a Pleasant Lie

Arisendead is a video game streamer on twitch.tv where he not only entertains his audience by playing Super Mario games, but also discusses many interesting topics. What stands out are his openness and honesty about his perspective on things going on in the world and his personal life. The many...


Ep. 40: What have the last 4 years of podcasting taught us?

William and Steve have been hosting this podcast for nearly 4 years. In that time they have developed mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Their inquiry into who they are has lead them on a path of friendship and a growing awareness. From psychology to spirituality, their discussions have evolved along with...

Ep. 39: From the Life of a Psycho Therapist

What does it take for a person interested in helping other people with their mental healing process to becoming a fully-fledged psycho therapist? Koji Okumura devoted many years to the necessary academic training including a Ph.D. in order to not only treat individuals, but also to lecture on the topic...

Ep. 38: The Masks We Wear

We primarily think of actors as the ones playing a role and pretending to be someone they really are not. But in a sense everyone wears a mask and acts out a charade. This can be done deliberately, but most of the time is quite subconscious and involuntary. What are...


Ep. 37: The Trap of Conceptualisation

The Western world view is one of engineering and logic. It has solidified the already pervasive habit of intellectualising the human experience. By applying mental concepts to our surroundings, our identity and our mind, we severely limit and even distort our perception thereof.

Ep. 36: I Surrender - Freedom through Acceptance

Apathy is not caring about what goes on with you and around you. Acceptance, on the other hand, is deliberately allowing things within and around you to be the way they are. It is the absence of expectations and intellectual concepts. With this absence the subconscious, and nature in general,...


Ep. 35: Why Anger?!

You cannot be angry at someone without first being angry at yourself. What exactly is the process that happens automatically, subconsciously and with lightning speed which is triggered by something not going the way we wanted or expected? Steve and William share their current understanding of this topic and how...

Ep. 34: Self Confidence comes from within

Trusting in one's own abilities and believing in one's own value is something that cannot be created or built. Self confidence comes about naturally by resolving inner conflicts and allowing any outer conditions to transpire. Trying to change your circumstances without first working on your inner world is futile and...


Ep. 33: A traumatised collective heals through individual awakening

Mental distress in adults can often be traced back to their childhood. The underlying traumatic experience in the past has been suppressed so that every-day life can continue in a more or less normal way. There are indications of a society-wide trauma complex that causes the majority of us to...

Ep. 32: You shouldn't should - The toxicity of expectations and absolutes

How much of your behaviour comes from your freely made decisions? And how much of your every-day life is run by subconscious programs? From day one we are influenced by the actions and inactions of people around us. They inadvertently, and sometimes deliberately, shape our perspective and thereby our reasoning...



Adv. Book #2 (part 6):
Can King Gillibrand finally unite the Dwarf Clans?

After 3 failed attempts we are fulfilling our mission: to collect the handle and head of the famed dwarf hammer that will unite the warring clans under King Gillibrand. Much backtracking has brought us to this point where we are guided through all of the traps and towards all of...

Adv. Book #2 (part 5):
This Time an Oracle Guides us

We start out our final attempt at this adventure book with the luck of very high values for skill, stamina and luck. Additionally there is a voice in the ether telling us when we are about to make a wrong turn or take an unnecessary risk. With these abilities at...


Adv. Book #2 (part 4):
How tough can an Ogre be?

We found our way out of the Darkwood Forest, but without the war hammer which the dwarves need to vanquish their enemies. So we need to reset our adventure for the second time, only to try out new paths and encountereven more powerful monsters than before. What will it take...

Adv. Book #2 (part 3):
Can we save the dwarves?

In a dark, lethal forest we are comissioned with finding and delivering the dwarves' warhammer to their leader at Stonebridge to the north in order for his army to defeat the troll threat. Is that trust misplaced? Or is it the dwarf's last hope for his people to survive? We...


Adv. Book #2 (part 2):
When will be our first death?

The unpredictable nature of the deadly forest of doom makes it impossible for us to take all the right turns and win every fight on our first try. How soon will we need to reset and try a different path? What do we learn from our mistakes? How will different...

Adv. Book #2 (part 1):
How do you navigate this ominous forest?

Our second adventure books series takes place in a mystical forest that is filled with traps and ferocious enemies. Will we be strong enough, equipped well enough and be lucky enough to master the treacherous adventure that lies ahead?


Ep. 31: Learning to differentiate thoughts, emotions and sensations

We have thousands of thoughts and feelings each and every day. How many of them are we aware of? How many of them remain subconscious and unnoticed? Are you content with the thought patterns installed in your subconscious and the resulting emotions? Do they work in your favour and motivate...


Ep. 30: Choose your own Purpose in Life

Are you free to create your own path in life? Or are you following a script? Everyone is in both situations to one degree or another. The more we choose to drop beliefs about who we SHOULD be and what we SHOULD be doing with our time and energy, though,...




Ep. 28: Our Instinct for Revenge

How would you react if you or a loved one were to be violated? Would you be blinded by rage, seeking nothing less than brutal vengeance? Or would you be able to distance yourself from that terrible experience and be content with the judicial process taking its course? Could you...


Ep. 27: A Civilisation in Perpetual Fear and Uncertainty

How is it possible that billions of people are more likely to believe something that has no scientific foundation just because persons in position of authority say it is the case? What is it about our psychological make-up that makes us susceptible to such assertions, be they by politicians, journalists...


Ep. 26: Love is Love - Diversity in Sexuality

How much contact have you had with the LGBTQ+ community? William and Steve talk about their experiences and compare their views. It is important to become educated on this topic so as to avoid and confront marginalisation and persecution. Humanity is slowly opening up to integrating world views that make...

Ep. 25: Why Am I Attracted to You?

Steven and William analyse what goes on physically between a man and a woman when they are attracted to each other. Many factors are at play that cause them to feel drawn towards each other, most of them subconsciously. Which of them are natural features, which of them societal norms?...

Ep. 24: For Whom the Bell Tolls

What does death mean to you? Is it something you fear every waking moment? Perhaps subconsciously? Or is it something that gives life value? Today Steven and I discuss various aspects of death, including suicidal tendencies and beliefs in life after death.


Ep. 23: Left and Right, Unite! Unite!

Today Steven and William discuss their views on the political division into the left and right wings. They argue that this differentiation is unnecessary and artificial, as both groups have much to offer, but to solve different problems. This insight underlines how they should complement each other, rather than get...


Ep. 22: Intuition is Perception via the Unconcious

Today Falk Kastell helps me better understand what intuition is and how it can work in every-day life. William's heavy intellectual propensity makes it a challenge for him to come to terms with subconscious signals and relying on them to make decisions. Let's see whether Falk can assist him in...

Ep. 21: On Regaining Your Personal Sovereignty

Kevin Beutler is a body builder turned network marketer. Having recognised the great business opportunity that has come with the revolution in the financial technology sector, he is now a self-made millionaire. He not only lives with financial freedom, but with mental serenity and fulfillment. Today Kevin shares with us...

Ep. 20: When will we realize that you cannot eat money?

Falk and William discuss the current state of the world in terms of the progress of technology vs. human connection and respect for nature, being attentive to intutions vs. being driven by cerebral messaging, praising the economy as humanity's highest good vs. personal relationships and development, and many other things....


Adv. Book #1 (part 4):
It All Comes Down To This

After travelling from Venis to Kahira to the lost city of Du-En, Steven and William are confronted with a mystical cave that is supposed to contain the heart of Volent, a meteorite that allegedly grants powers of godhood. This is the final battleground of our adventure, where we and several...

Adv. Book #1 (part 3):
Stock up on Food and Weapons or Die!

Having reached the docks at Venis, Steven and William set out to cross the Mediterranean sea to reach Egypt. Will they be able to buy the items they need to cross the freezing Sahara? Or will they run into even more trouble than in the past? They have very little...


Ep. 19: I know that I know nothing

Today Mr. INTP and I talk about the relation between reality and our capacity to grasp it, how our knowledge of the world is based on the scientific method, and how common it is for you and me to base our entire thinking and decision-making on theories that may be...

Adv. Book #1 (part 2):
Another Attempt at Attaining the Mystical Meteorite

After failing their last attempt at surviving the frozen Sahara, Steve and William restart the adventure story "Heart of Ice". This time reversing their roles of reader and decider, they follow a differnt path of treachery and peril, this time as an explorer character. Will they achieve their goal of...


Ep. 18: The Truth Shall Set You Free

Kade Roundy and I follow up on our previous discussion (Ep. 10) about the principles of libertarian, government, war, ethics and societal values. We approach these topics in the context of humanity's vulnerability to deception. People's beliefs and behaviours can be manipulated by messages of false history, false news-reporting, false...

Adv. Book #1 (part 1):
Can We Survive the Frozen Sahara?

For a change, Steve and I are reading from an adventure book in which you can choose your own path: "Heart of Ice" by Dave Morris. Not only are there many ways to die, but there are multiple possible outcomes of the overall story. Follow us on an adventure of...

Ep. 17: Is Prosperity Good Or Bad?

Today we discuss how different approaches to wealth and the accrual of wealth can be a two-edged sword. Are you getting rich by exploiting other people? Or are you building your financial independence by helping others achieve their own as well? We consider how our psychology towards money can have...


Ep. 16: Who Can Connect The Dots?

Craig Irving and I exchange our views on the terrible trends around the world: propaganda in mainstream news media, censorship in social media, fascist actions by many governments, disinformation campaigns, etc. It is difficult not to conclude that behind such seemingly random happenings is a global central force with its...

Ep. 15: OCD - Can't You Stop Obsessing?

OCD is often misrepresented in the media. Whath is really behind the ritualistic actions that affected persons feel compelled to do to quell their unease? How does it feel to have unwanted, recurring thoughts? What is the source of this disorder? If you are affected, how can you turn a...



Ep. 14: Alter Your Mind, Change Your Perspective

Mr. INTP and I discuss biological and philosophical views of epistemology and personal identity. What can I truly know for certain? How do my beliefs and my biology confine my sense of identity? How can they be changed to expand my view of the world and myself?


Ep. 13: The Illusion of Choice

We often perceive a plethora of options and choices to be freeing and empowering. But not only is this relative to our cultural expectations, it can even be counter-productive to be confronted with too many things to choose from. Our discussion of realities and illusions concerning freedom of choice is...

Ep. 12: Consequences of type 1 and type 2 errors in RNA testing

The PCR method (polymerase chain reaction) has been abused to test for Covid-19 by exaggerating the method's number of amplification cycles. The degree to which human genetic material is thus magnified leads to the test being overly sensitive and sky-rocketing its false postive rate. Should this cause concern for the...


Ep. 11: How Free Am I?

Today we discuss the concept of freedom, including questions around self-awareness vs. being a product of my environment, autonomy vs. being parented by the state, representative vs. direct democracy, epistemic vs. ontological uncertainty, etc.


Ep. 10: What is Socialism to you?

William and Dr. Kade Roundy from Texas discuss the range of perspectives among people from different countries and different political persuasions. Is socialism what the Soviets had or what Scandinavians now have? Is it economic solidarity or the beginnings of a dictatorship?


Ep. 9: Everyone has Fears

Continuing the topic of mental health, William and Steven talk about their experiences with anxiety and its consequences in every-day life.


Ep. 8: What Is Depression?

One topic that has affected Steven and William personally is that of mental health. In this episode they share their personal experiences of suffering, learning, developing and coping.


Ep. 7: Jesus, Take the Wheel

Aleechea Pitts is a police chaplain. In this episode she tells us about her path to finding her personal identity in serving others and praising God through writing self-help books, giving workshops, singing, playing music and preaching the gospel of Christ. Her path has been illuminated by a figurative voice...


Ep. 6: What Has Religion Done For Me Lately?

William and Steven speak openly about the faith they were raised in and how they have personally identified with it. Religion can provide inner strength, a sense of belonging and community, a purpose in life, and a path to transcendence.

Ep. 5: Parenting - What is Right and Wrong?

As a young person enters the new adventure of becoming a parent, they are confronted with challenges they can never be truly prepared for, no matter how much knowledge they acquired beforehand. Making mistakes and learning from them in practise seems to be the only way for us to progress,...



Ep. 4: Early Sexual Development

Human sexuality begins to emerge at an early age. Our gender identity takes form and we become involved in complex dynamics, at first with our parents, and later with society in general.

Ep. 3: A New Mechanised World

What influence does technology have on the fabric of society? Is it a curse or an opportunity for progress? Today William and Steven discuss the effects that artificial has had and might yet have, the dangers and how to ensure that life with machines runs harmoniously with common values.


Ep. 2: Ghost in the Machine

In this episode Steven and William share their excitement for science-fiction as it pertains to self-awareness, free will and the difference between man and machine, if there is any. Will there ever be conscious robots, indistinguishable from humans?


Ep. 1: Wholesome Communication and Interaction

In their first podcast episode Steven and William discuss their motivations for asking the age-old question 'Who am I?' and how best to go about their quest of exploring possible paths to an answer.