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Jesus, Take the Wheel

Aleechea Pitts is a police chaplain. In this episode she tells us about her path to finding her personal identity in serving others and praising God through writing self-help books, giving workshops, singing, playing music and preaching the gospel of Christ. Her path has been illuminated by a figurative voice that guides her everyday decision-making and provides her life with peace and fulfillment.

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  This Introduction
  Finding Yourself by Losing Yourself
  A Still Small Voice
  The Man in the Mirror

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William: Welcome, everybody. This is whoamipodcast, and today for the first time I have a guest to interview on the show. Her name is reverend Aleechea Pitts. And it's my honor to interview her. She is an author of several books. You can find them on Amazon. That's where I found them. And her home page is aleecheapitts.com . You are a police chaplain in New Jersey.

Aleechea: Yes.

William: And I also saw something on the homepage about being an adjunct professor. Is that still current?

Aleechea: No, that is not still current.


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