Episode #08 Introduction


What Is Depression?

One topic that has affected Steven and William personally is that of mental health. In this episode they share their personal experiences of suffering, learning, developing and coping.

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Steven: Hi there. This is Steven from the podcast "Who am I?" Just a sensitivity warning: Today's subject is very complex and can be very difficult at times to talk about and hear about. If you're not feeling in the right frame of mind to listen to a discussion about depression, then we encourage you to just wait until you feel you are. Also we have a few technical issues where the screen freezes a few times, just you know technology the way it is. So bear with us, and we hope you enjoy the podcast. And today's episode is gonna be discussing mental health and how it affects us personally and just in day-to-day life. I guess we will start the discussion off just by really talking about our own experiences.


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