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Early Sexual Development

Human sexuality begins to emerge at an early age. Our gender identity takes form and we become involved in complex dynamics, at first with our parents, and later with society in general.

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William: Hi. Welcome everybody. It's us again from Who Am I? Podcast. Welcome to episode 4. We've had bigger breaks between the episodes than we expected, but we just keep going with whatever time and energy we have available to us. We love doing it, and we don't plan on going away anytime soon. So keep tuned to this channel and visit our homepage to see whether there's anything new. Today Steve and I would like to chat about the development of human beings in the very early stages, about ages two, three, four, and what Freud has to say about that. So Freud, one of his main topics was about individual sexuality and how it forms the roles that we take over from our parents and how we become sexual beings in society. And this isn't even going to puberty, but just the very early stages when we start building a personal identity. And part of that identity is whether we're a man or woman. Who we're attracted to, and just who we want to be like, I guess.

Steven: That's a very good way of summarizing the topic, I guess, where it's not talked about much, really, I guess.

William: Yeah it can be taboo.

Steven: It's very taboo. And sometimes because I guess we don't see... only thinking of puberty. When that happens obviously we go through a transformation. But what happens before that in terms of, as you say, copying, identifying and all that kind of things beforehand.

William: Right.


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