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Parenting - What is Right and Wrong?

As a young person enters the new adventure of becoming a parent, they are confronted with challenges they can never be truly prepared for, no matter how much knowledge they acquired beforehand. Making mistakes and learning from them in practise seems to be the only way for us to progress, be it as children or as parents.

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William: Alright. Hello everyone. We're back. This is William and Stephen from whoamipodcast.com Today we want to speak about the topic that we left open in last episode, and that is about parenting. It kind of was a natural successor of last episode, when we talked about early childhood development, about sexual identity and your place in your family situation and society. And now we want to talk about the role of the parent and the child, the dynamics between the two. Steven and I are both not parents. But we have thought about this topic, and as always we have more questions than answers. But we would like to share those with you. You can comment on our discussion on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, whatever. So I guess we can divide the question about parenting into two, at least two, where we can think from the perspective of the child, you know "What was it like for us, being raised?", and secondly "How would we raise a child?", which is obviously hypothetical, not going from personal experience, but living experience with babysitting or anything else that might help with this question.

Steven: Like you said with babysitting and stuff is that I've got four nieces and a nephew. You have...

William: I have two nieces and one nephew, at the moment.

Steven: So we've been directly involved with the family side of things. And then we've both been amongst various different cultures and people where we've had the opportunity to interact with both parents and children on a weekly basis, really, through education. I went to a summer camp in America, and with about six or seven year olds, I think it was, for three months, and then interacting with parents when they came by. And there's plenty of I guess experience there.


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