A Recipe For War


  • 1 central bank
  • 2 major parties
  • a monopoly of TV news channels and news papers
  • as many intelligence agencies as you like
  • 1 false flag event


Central Bank:

  • Make all other currencies illegal.
  • Confiscate everybody’s gold and hold it in a vault.
  • Make it impossible for anyone to enter that vault and count how much gold it contains.
  • Sell gold to foreign parties without anyone noticing.
  • Get people used to the idea that the value of your central bank’s currency is no longer pegged to the amount of gold stored in your vaults.
  • Print more and more money.

Government Parties:

  • Make politics like a sport / theatre / reality TV.
  • Give them mascots, e.g. a donkey and an elephant.
  • Associate the parties by colors to make it easier for people to distinguish them.
  • Let your theatre program convey that the two parties are fundamentally different. In reality they represent the same elites and do the same things, just in slightly different ways.
  • Get people from both sides to fight on TV every day.
  • Close the Overton window more and more so that people only care about the issues you raise on TV.
  • Get people to believe that they choose what government does by organising an election.
  • Bribe or threaten the majority of politicians in both parties, the president and all major ministers.

Mainstream Media:

  • Buy up the largest and most influential newspapers and news channels.
  • Employ convincing authors and anchors from intelligence organisations or who are gullible enough to believe that you are great.
  • Convey national ideals through symbols, e.g. national flags. Constantly repeat trigger words, e.g. “regime” instead of “government” to describe the nations we exploit.
  • Repeat slogans as often as it takes for the people to adopt and believe them, “e.g. they hate us for our freedom.”
  • Create a link between local religious beliefs and the idea of global superiority. Blame foreign religions for the factions you use to uphold civil wars around the world.
  • Keep things abstract by calling a people by the name of their country and country’s president. Conflate that country’s government, religion and entire citizenry.
  • Repeatedly compare the enemies to a sickness or a dirty animal species.
  • Produce films far in advance that make war look like heroic theatre. Hide all of the physical, emotional and mental suffering of the soldiers and their families during the war and in the decades to come.
  • Display soldiers on TV and at sports events as heroes.

Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies:

  • Break down protests against your intentions of going to war.
  • Pretend that they have absolute evidence of the guilt of a foreign nation.
  • Pretend they all agree and are highly confident in their assessment.

Partners in Industry:

  • Get CEOs in place to take over the industries and markets inside the invaded country.
  • Give government contracts to the manufacturers of jets, tanks, drones, bombs, rifles, grenades, etc.

A false flag event:

  • Get your people angry by causing them immense pain.
  • Get them to lose their capacity for thinking logically about their situation, how they got there and how they might have been manipulated into allowing their government and military to do whatever it takes to harm the alleged perpetrator and his country’s government at least as much as they were hurt. Endorse killing innocent civilians by labelling them “enemy combatants”.
  • Feed the people’s thirst for revenge in the mainstream media.
  • Make one man the aim of their entire rage.
  • Make your highest priority to capture and publically kill that one man.
  • Pretend that you have now liberated the people of that country and restored justice and democracy for them.

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