A Poem on Race


Is what divides the people with a different-coloured face.
While some are elevated, others we abase.
We feel the need to put a people in their place,
Imagining we are a higher race.

Allegedly genetics puts us in a better place
Where we are privileged to govern in the space
Around us, treating people with disgrace
Because they were born as a lower race.

The prison industry’s moguls do embrace
Any chance that they get to encase
A coloured man after a police chase.
This way he profits them in their economic race.

The sacred grounds of standing rock got erased
To lay a pipeline that would lay their water source to waste.
Indigenous protesters got sprayed with mace
Because they were not of the Bismarck race.

Eugenicists work decades just to make the case
That messenger vaccines will never leave a trace
Of harmful substances, but then replace
Our natural defences, so they can thin the race.

Our species is in peril. Destruction could be near.
The constant lies about the world puts us in fear.
We need to choose to love each other, though we shed a tear
When someone that passed on was close and dear.

The colour of our skin is neither there not here.
The more we work together, the more we can cheer
about the common goals we all hold dear.
And then our differences will soon disappear.

The truth about the puppet masters then will rear
Its ugly head and we can easily peer
Through all the fog, the propaganda and each smear.
The world’s people will take charge of their own sphere.

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